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Have you ever gone into a Roman Catholic church, especially those churches built in the 1800's and early 1900's? One of the first things that you see are beautiful statues of Our Lord, Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and other Saints as well as Angels. Well, many churches and missions, both here in the United States and abroad, cannot afford statues. It is our intent to save those statues that are being thrown into the dumpster or discarded for whatever reason and to give them to those churches/missions who need them.

The following is a sample listing of statues that are needed:

* Our Lady of Grace * Sacred Heart of Jesus * Our Lady of Lourdes * King of Kings * Our Lady of Fatima * Good Shepherd * Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom * Risen Christ * Our Sorrowful Mother * Infant Child Jesus of Prague * Our Lady of Mount Carmel

* St. Francis of Assisi * St. Anthony of Padua * St. Theresa of the Child Jesus * St. John the Baptist * St. Joseph * St. Anne * St. Jude * St. Rita * St. Claire * St. Michael the Archangel * St. Gabriel * St. Raphael * Cherubs * Seraphims * Guardian Angels

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